Plumber's tool bag on floor under kitchen sink

The Importance of Regular Plumbing Maintenance

February 22, 2024
5 Benefits of Regular Plumbing Maintenance Plumbing is an essential aspect of any home or business, yet it’s often overlooked until an issue arises. Regular plumbing maintenance is crucial not only for the functionality of your premises but also for your peace of mind. So, let’s dive into the importance of regular plumbing maintenance and why it’s a wise investment [...]
Woman home owner is replacing central air furnace and air purification system filter at home

Maximizing Furnace Efficiency: Simple Steps for Better Performance

November 22, 2023
Ways to Improve Furnace Efficiency As winter approaches, the furnace becomes a hot topic. Homeowners want to keep their houses warm and comfortable without spending a fortune on heating bills. The good news? You can reduce your energy bills and maximize your furnace efficiency by following some simple steps. Our Mick’s Plumbing Heating and Air team is here to discuss [...]
Colourful autumn leaves fallen onto wet asphalt road close rain tube and brick wall

Preparing Your Plumbing System for Fall

September 1, 2023
As the vibrant colors of summer give way to the crisp embrace of autumn, it’s time to shift our focus from beach days to pumpkin spice and cozy evenings. Amidst the seasonal transition, it’s essential not to overlook one crucial aspect of your home’s well-being—your plumbing system. Just as nature readies itself for the changing climate, your plumbing also requires [...]
Adult man feeling better at home while relaxing in front of the electric fan during a bad heat wave

AC Maintenance Tips to Help Beat the Heat

June 12, 2023
Don’t Sweat It: 5 Tips to Keep Your AC Working at Its Best With temperatures rising, keeping your air conditioner working properly is essential to beat the heat. Without proper AC maintenance, you may be dealing with a broken-down system and sweltering indoors. Here are some tips to ensure your air conditioner remains in good shape throughout the summer. From [...]

Ways to Prepare Your HVAC System for Spring

April 4, 2023
Get Ready for Spring: A Complete Guide to Prepping Your HVAC Spring is finally here, and it’s time to prepare your home for warmer weather. One of the ways homeowners can start getting ready for a new season is by ensuring their HVAC system is in good shape. Is your HVAC system ready for spring? Now is the perfect time [...]
A repairman working inside a home, repairing a furnace

Is Annual Furnace Maintenance Necessary?

November 30, 2022
Importance of Routine Furnace Check-Ups Many things require regular check-ups, including doctor appointments and oil changes. They’re essential for preventative care and making sure things are running smoothly. The same goes for your furnace. It must receive annual maintenance every year, and Mick’s Plumbing & Heating is here with a few reasons why. Regulate Home Temperature Maintaining your furnace will [...]
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Ways to Prepare Your HVAC System for Autumn

September 20, 2022
Get Your House Ready for Fall: A Guide to Preparing Your HVAC System The cooler fall temperatures are a reminder that the time to start heating your home is quickly approaching, and that’s when it’s time to take stock of your HVAC system. In this blog, we’ll go over some essential tips to get you started with the process of [...]
Replacing a central air conditioner filter

Helpful Central Air Conditioner Tips for Homeowners

June 27, 2022
3 Simple Tips to Keep Your Central Air Conditioning Unit Running Efficiently All Summer Long It’s summer, which means it’s time to start turning on your central air conditioning unit to keep your home at the perfect temperature, but how can you make sure your unit lasts throughout the season? Whether you just got a new AC unit or want [...]
Residential HVAC Duct Cleaning with a Power Brush

What Are the Benefits of an Air Duct Cleaning?

March 31, 2022
4 Air Duct Cleaning Benefits Having the air ducts cleaned in your home is a very important task. If these “veins” of your central comfort system are not properly cleaned, they can cause an uptick in indoor allergies, reduce system efficiency, and much more. However, on the contrary, many homeowners may be unaware of these matters and choose to forego [...]
Homeowner standing in front of thermostat freezing

How to Tell if Your Furnace Needs Repair

December 20, 2021
Does My Furnace Need Repair? Your furnace is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your home during the cooler months of the year. This gadget acts as the symbolic “heart” of your humble abode, keeping you and your loved ones toasty on the chilliest of days. However, unfortunately, there is a chance that one day your furnace [...]